Robot Name: Snoopy (Sold)

Robot Number: 0056
Dimensions:  11” x 7” x 12”
Weight: 7 lbs
Description: Snoopy is a look-alike for the famous (and his favorite) dog of all times, Snoopy.  Snoopy (this Snoopy — not Charlie Brown’s Snoopy) likes to roll around the house with a little help from a little person.  He is very heavy but well balanced from the internal counter weight which keeps him rolling solid and on his wheels. Snoopy (again, not the real Snoopy) is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include: roller skates, shoe horns, lamp parts, large flashlight,  and old kitchen items.

Jessi Hegg - Snoopy is living in Webster, SD. I’m very glad I brought him home with me! He looks very happy rolling around here.

Bill's Bot Shop - Thanks Jessi for your comment! Please be sure to follow our Facebook page for future events and updates!

Robot Name: Miss Plum (Sold)

Robot Number: 0053
Dimensions: 19.5” x 9” x 12”
Weight: 5 lbs
Description: Miss Plum a real charming lady whose friendly manner and charming ways has opened many doors for her and has won her many friends and fans.  Her favorite memory is the time she spent at the zoo swinging from trees with the monkeys and eating and sharing bananas and coconuts. She went over Niagara Falls in a former Jack Daniel’s bourbon keg; she survived the ride over the falls but could not recall the ride because the lingering booze fumes made her pass out.  To this day, she carries a barf bag whenever she goes bar hopping. She is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include: lamp parts decorative basket, ice cream spoons, and other household items.

Robot Name: Go Long (Donation)

Robot Number: 0047
Price: $500 (Submitted for silent auction in Cedar Rapids, IA as a donation for for Brette Dostal.)
Dimensions: 34.5” x 16” x 14”
Weight: 4 lbs
Description: “Go Long” is a phrase my buddies and I would shout playing football every Fall, I am sure all other wannabe future NFLers with uttered these words while emulating their favorite Pro football team; mine was the LA RAMS.  “Go Long” not his real name, because his number 58 says it all, “hey I’m a linebacker”.  He sports number 58 because 5+8 = 13 – 6 =7 which is my lucky number and 58 was my nephew Marc’s jersey number when he played for the New Orleans Saints.  (We are all proud of Marc and his accomplishments as a college, and NFL football player.  Marc is now a NFLPA certified agent.)   Bot 58 (not to be confused with his robot number 0047) is a throwback, hardcore, butt kicking and I’ll knock the stuffing out’ a kind of NFLer.  He is the last of the true “Iron-men” to play both offensive and defensive as well as, special teams as player, all within the same game.  He is light on his feet especially in practice running “gassers” but more renowned agilely when on the field evading blocking back and sacking quarterbacks.  His nimble hands are steady, very fast, and as sticky as Spiderman’s web.  Which led to his award for “Best Hands” in football, not once but three years in a row?  Go Long” is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include:  Aluminum kitchenware, flash lights, lamp parts, coffee pots, bottle caps and other odds and ends.

“Go Long” was a labor love and was created specifically as a donation for a silent auction for Brette Dostal, my dear niece Katie’s husband. The auction is being held the evening of 09 February 2013, in Cedar Rapids.

Robot Name: Shredder (Sold)

Robot Number: 0046
Dimensions: 33” x 10” x 6”
Description: Shredder is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Shredder favorite saying is “I find ketchup on a hot dog to be a sin against everything I believe in”.  Shredder personifies that which is cool and hot in one solid handsome package.  Shredder in his younger days was a standout professional roller derby star “Jammer” and tough guy enforcer.  He’s considered one of the larger and speedier players, a “prototype pivot man” if you will.  (no, not what you are thinking)  Sort of like a football quarterback of roller derby.  Anyway, recently Shredder needed legs, arms, and all other body parts except for his bright blue eyes replaced by a Bot Master.  He divides his time through his two passions:  photographing Wal-Mart patrons, which he post on Facebook and doing the Lindy hop both keeps him very for now but who knows what’s in his future?  Parts include:  salvaged small motor cylinder with sparkplug, furnace parts, ice cream scoops, cooling vents, house wares and other found objects.  In addition, eyes and torso light up with a toggle switch located on back.   

Robot Name: TVBOT (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0045
Dimensions: 23” x 13” x 12”
Weight: 15 lbs
Description: TVBOT is a first generation post-apocalypse survivor.  He was able to recreate himself with spare parts and found objects.  TVBOT is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include:  portable junked TV, vintage box camera, old motor parts, model airplane propeller, wire, roller skate, bronze baby shoe, conduit cutter, junked video game controller parts and vintage shoe repair tree.