Robot Name: Snoopy (Sold)

Robot Number: 0056
Dimensions:  11” x 7” x 12”
Weight: 7 lbs
Description: Snoopy is a look-alike for the famous (and his favorite) dog of all times, Snoopy.  Snoopy (this Snoopy — not Charlie Brown’s Snoopy) likes to roll around the house with a little help from a little person.  He is very heavy but well balanced from the internal counter weight which keeps him rolling solid and on his wheels. Snoopy (again, not the real Snoopy) is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include: roller skates, shoe horns, lamp parts, large flashlight,  and old kitchen items.

Jessi Hegg - Snoopy is living in Webster, SD. I’m very glad I brought him home with me! He looks very happy rolling around here.

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