Robot Name: Monarch (Sold)

Robot Number: 261

Michael Isaacson - Bill,
I was able to visit your booth at the StoneArch Bridge in Minneapolis back in June. I am interested in Robot #261 MONARCH. If you could let me know the cost…I would appreciate it. Also…I am curious about the size of this specific robot.
p.s. I live in South Minneapolis in terms of figuring out shipping costs.

Kathy Lillibridge - Michael, Unfortunately Monarch sold at our last show. Bill has been working hard for our next show. We will be at the Powderhorn Art Festival (35th St west of Cedar) this coming weekend. And our last show will be in September at the Lakeville Art Fair. If you are unable to make either of those, new Bots are posted to the site periodically.

Hope you can find another you’d like.

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