About the Artist

South Dakota native Bill Lillibridge is an artist and sculptor whose personal history has shaped his art.  Bill studied Fine Arts at University of South Dakota before beginning a lifelong career in the United States Marine Corps.  After retirement, further Master’s studies at New Mexico State University and teaching in a South Dakota high school, Bill settled into his studio to create beautiful works of art.

The Artistic Process

Bill creates robot sculptures from a variety of materials acquired from thrift and antique shops, yard sales, recycle shops, flea markets and hardware stores. The results are unique and one-of-a-kind robot sculptures.

Bill is motivated by his passion for art, beauty, post-apocalyptic movies and recycling.

His bots come to life with unique personalities and narratives as he assembles them.  His creative process is intentional, spontaneous and serendipitous.  His bots are truly a labor of love.

Purchase, Payment and Postage

If you would like to purchase a robot, send me an email with the robot name and your shipping address and we will calculate the best shipping option for you.  Once payment has been received the item will be packed with care, sent, and you will be notified of its shipment.

We accept checks, money orders and payments via PayPal. Checks will be deposited before the item will ship.

Thanks for looking, and please leave a comments, I would like to hear from you.