Robot Name: Red Baron (Sold)

Robot Number: 0064
Dimensions: 12’ x 6” x 6”
Description: The Baron as his best buddies refer to him is one flashy and debonair live on the razors edge and self professed stud and ladies man.  He once benched pressed a sixteen gallon keg of beer fifty-3 and one half times setting yet another SDSU powerlifting record which I might add still stands to this very day.   Also, it was during these crazy college days he and ten other college classmates started the annual tradition of “Drink White Dry”, when on a bright Fall day on a whim they stormed the small town of White, South Dakota entered its only bar and consumed all the beer in town.  This was followed by fires on main street, loud music and all night dancing.  Baron still hums the words “those were the days my friend we’d thought they would never end. . . “.  He is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include: old red lantern, electrical light, LEDs and other found and fabricated items.

Robot Name: CD-4 (Sold)

Robot Number: 0063
Dimensions: 12” x 4” x 4”
Description: CD-4 spent most of his life in the family bomb shelter during the late 50’s – and 60’s so he missed most of the wild and crazy those of us so enjoyed, cried, and died.  He finally convinced to come out of the bomb shelter after the Berlin wall fell and his toilet was overflowing.  He now is catching up with all the music and movies he missed out on; he really likes the Village People and Tiny Tim go figure.  CD-4 is made from recycled, vintage and found objects.

Robot Name: Steam-O-Matic (Sold)

Robot Number: 0061
Dimensions: 16” x 9” x 6”
Weight: 3 lbs
Description: Steam-O-Matic always has something to say, whether it be a greeting or an opinion.  His words of wisdom to those who like to argue is to just remember,  ”Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong”.  Steam-O-Matic is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include: old canister, ice cream scoops, flashlights, and lids from unknown objects.

Robot Name: Breeze (Sold)

Robot Number: 0060
Description: Breeze is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include:  hair blow dryer, light meter, kitchen items roller skates, made parts, leather, and other neat things of purpose.

bruce and penny - Breeze stands proudly next to Johnson. They are a hit to everyone who sees them.
Bruce and Penny

Robot Name: Big Slick (Sold)

Robot Number: 0059
Description: Big Slick sports huge, wide, slick ties on the back axle which allows him to get out of the hole in a hurry.  He has never been beat at the track and dare I say on the streets as well.  It has been rumored that he recorded a quarter-mile time in 6.4 seconds in his “non-doorslammer” and at a speed just over 210 mph. The film is being reviewed by the NHRA as I write — standby for an update.  Big Slick is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include: old camera, machine wheels, roller skates, fabricated parts, oil can and other cool stuff.