Robot Name: Spirit (Sold)

Robot Number: 0027
Dimensions: 11.5”x4.5”x2”
Date Created: 2012
Description: American Spirit likes living on the edge. He rides his Indian motorcycle way too fast for most of his friends — they chalk it up to his wild and crazy nature.  His goal is to one day reclaim his super cape, taken from him at birth by Super Mario.  American Spirits body is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include:  tobacco tin, sewing machine spools, typewriter ribbon spool, old bottle cork remover, vintage aluminum salt and pepper shakers, aluminum shot cups, tea diffuser and clock legs.

Robot Name: BowBell (Sold)

Robot Number: 0026
Dimensions: 10”x8”x10”
Date: 2012
Description: Bow Bell is a pound puppy rescued by Carly and Joe K.  A blue bell hound with a distinctive bell-like bark, he is known for his tenacious protective abilities, superhero-like strength and the intelligence of Superman’s dog Krypto.  Bow Bell is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: a vintage anodized aluminum tumbler, vintage aluminum coaster, old counter bell, kitchen wire whip, vintage aluminum measuring spoons vintage Jello molds fabricated legs and beer bottle eyes.

Robot Name: Dingdong (Sold)

Robot Number: 0025
Dimensions: 8”x5”x5”
Date: 2012
Description: Dingdong’s smile is contagious. He is a cut-up; a very happy soul.  He is always willing to extend a helping hand. He especially likes having his bell rung and would be a great addition to any store counter.  Dingdong is made of recycled, found and vintage objects. Parts include: a vintage anodized aluminum tumbler, a vintage store counter bell, vintage aluminum measuring spoons, fence post caps and an old cupboard pull.

Robot Name: Al (Sold)


Robot Number: 0024
Dimensions: 9”x4”x2.5”
Date: 2012
Description: Al is a cocky character who likes wearing sleeveless tee shirts, wading boots and Ducks Unlimited baseball caps when no one is looking.  His claim to fame is he once won a cow paddy long distance tossing contest.  Al is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: a vintage prince Albert pipe tobacco tin, small fence post cap, springs, sewing machine spools and wine bottle stopper parts.

Robot Name: Loverboy and Sally (Sold)

Robot Number: 0023
Dimensions: 10”x5.5”x3” and 10.5”x6”x3”
Date: 2012
Description: Loverboy and Sally met while attending a bird-watching course at the county fair.  It was love at first sight.  They greeted each other with a smile, the beginning of their love.  Awestruck and at a loss for words, they stared and babbled incoherently until the smell of candy, bacon and frozen bananas snapped them back to reality. The rest is history.  Loverboy and Sally are made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include:  vintage aluminum sugar and creamer servers, a pair of vintage salt and pepper shakers, pencil sharpener gears, vintage film canisters,  sprinkler fan and an aluminum picture frame curly “Q”.