Robot Name: Indestro (Sold)

Robot Number: 0022
Dimensions: 16.75”x9.75”x4”
Date: 2012
Description: Indestro is a handsome young lad with a good head on his broad, athletic shoulders.  He enjoys both stargazing and planking and most of the extreme sports including: extreme surfing, skiing, hang gliding, wing suit flying and who could forget his famed bungee jump from the Eiffel Tower. Indestro is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: a vintage voltmeter, vintage fuel pump, percolator arms and black tube legs of unknown origin. His body lights up with a blue mood light.

Robot Name: Running Man (Sold)

Robot Number: 0021
Date: 2012
Description: Running Man, a long-legged, lean, mean running machine, was never interested in his own fame and always used his God-given talent to help other runners bask in the world’s spotlight.  In doing so he was the pacesetter and driving force for such great American runners as Frank Shorter, Jim Ryan, Steve Prefontaine and of course the unforgettable SDSU favorite David “Speed Demon” Andersen, who once ran so fast he set his hair on fire. No kidding — it was scary fast.  Running Man is made of recycled, found and vintage objects. Parts include: a thermos bottle, vintage coffee pot, vintage shoe horns, lamp parts, candle bases, power drill gears, ice cream scoops, BBQ parts and canister cover and other items.

Robot Name: Mace (Sold)

Robot Number: 0020
Dimensions: 7.5”x4x4
Date: 2012
Description: Mace is a sweet cuss with fast hands and light feet.  Born with the gift of gab, he is not one bit shy and is always the life of the party.  Mace is the ladies’ first choice to get on the dance floor, which has caused some friction among  a couple of the hot spice boys, Curry and Red Pepper; but once Mace got in their eyes they cooled off real fast.  Mace is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: a vintage spice tin, dominoes, skeleton keys, vintage spigot handle, aluminum eye patch insert, battery brush, handmade propeller, nuts, bolts and other things.

Robot Name: Herb (Sold)

Robot Number: 0019
Dimensions: 4”x1.5”x2”
Date: 2012
Description:  Herb comes from Mamaroneck, NY which is just enough north of NY, NY that he may as well have been from Mars.  Herb’s blood stock is made up with just the right amounts of chicken bullion with a touch of sugar, spice and everything nice.  He was selected as the American flag bearer for the Chicago chapter of the NRA.  Herb is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: a vintage chicken bullion tin, vintage domino, flashlight springs, sewing machine parts, candle holder and telephone parts.

Robot Name: Blue Cross (Sold)

Robot Number: 0018
Dimensions: 6” x 4” x 3”
Date: 2012
Description: Blue Cross was born in Brooklyn, NY.  His mother was Red Cross and his father Double Cross.  Together the Crosses did their best to raise Blue in the ways of the world, teach him how to navigate cross roads, understand the Celtic cross and, most of all, how to avoid Chris Cross.  It was all for not, however, because Blue moved to Minneapolis and wed Blue Shield.  Blue Cross is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: a vintage Epsom Salt tin, vintage measuring spoons, lamp sockets, tea infuser, vintage motor parts, lamp parts and a telephone thingy.