Robot Name: Kal (Sold)

Robot Number: 0062
Dimensions: 12.5”x4”x5”
Date: 2012
Description: Kal is a long, tall, skinny glass of water who recently returned from running non-stop from Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Paris Island, SC to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and back with a time just one minute and forty-four seconds shy of the current world record.  He vows in his next attempt to shatter the standing record by ten seconds or more.  Kal is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: vintage made in USA drill index box, springs, vintage Kalimar lightmeter, vintage aluminum measuring spoons, lamp legs, computer parts and telephone thingy dingys.

Robot Name: Ole Blue aka Auggie (Sold)

Robot Number: 0011
Dimensions: Unavailable
Status: Sold (Now residing in Minnesota)
Date: 2012
Description:  Ole Blue is a former Augustana College mascot before being replaced by The Ole Viking.  It still is not clear why Ole Blue was replaced, but rumor has it Eric Andersen and the track team of the ‘60s were the the driving force behind the coup of the pooch.  The informal investigation has been pending since 1969.  Ole Blue is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: vintage thermos bottle, vintage measuring spoons, salt shaker, aluminum tumbler, coffee pot parts, metal whip, beer bottle caps, jello molds and other strange parts.

Robot Name: Punter (Sold)

Robot Number: 0010
Dimensions: 10”x6”x8”
Date: 2012
Description: Punter is a self-declared World Class striker All-Star and all around good sport, being twice awarded Best All World Ball Kicker.  Punter is made of recycled, vintage found objects.  Parts include: Godiva chocolate tin, vintage aluminum measuring spoons, vintage electrical outlet, soap dish, clock parts and light pull.

Robot Name: May Fair “T” (Sold)

Robot Number: 0009
Dimensions: 11.5”x3”x2.5”
Date: 2012
Description: May is a little bashful and full of mischief, which led to her arrest for being too sweet — she was given a warning with the stipulation that she not get teed-off again for six-minutes.  She is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include:  vintage tin, a round brass bell, electric motor brushes, vintage brass door handles, light parts and old keys.

Robot Name: Tricky Dick (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0008
Dimensions: 10”x10.5”x6.5”
Date: 2012
Description: Having said goodbye to his chair in the oval office, Tricky Dick moved to a space station to begin his extensive memoirs and work on his cassette tape collection.  He enjoys disco music and polyester pants.  His most proud contribution to society has been his introduction of extreme beach volleyball to southern Californians.  Tricky Dick is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: vintage sewing machine parts box, vintage deadbolt, vintage hand drill wheels, bicycle parts, lamp parts, vintage fan motor parts, springs and handmade fabricated parts.