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Robot Name: TVBOT (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0045 Dimensions: 23” x 13” x 12” Weight: 15 lbs Description: TVBOT is a first generation post-apocalypse survivor.  He was able to recreate himself with spare parts and found objects.  TVBOT is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include:  portable junked TV, vintage box camera, old motor parts, model airplane propeller, wire, […]

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Robot Name: Tricky Dick (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0008 Dimensions: 10”x10.5”x6.5” Date: 2012 Description: Having said goodbye to his chair in the oval office, Tricky Dick moved to a space station to begin his extensive memoirs and work on his cassette tape collection.  He enjoys disco music and polyester pants.  His most proud contribution to society has been his introduction of […]

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Robot Name: De Jur (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0005 Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 6″ Date: 2012 Description: De Jur is a very camera shy shutter fly from Paris who moved to Minneapolis in the hopes of getting a snapshot of Prince; so far he has eluded De Jur.  De Jur is made of recycled, found and vintage objects.  Parts include: […]

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