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Robot Name: The Choir

Robot Number: #353-356 Bottom on far right is sold.  The remaining bots are still available.View full post »

Robot Name: Cinnamon (Sold)

Robot Name: Cinnamon Robot Number: 0071View full post »

Robot Name: Jeeves (Sold)

Robot Number: 0070 Dimensions: 17” x 8” x 10” Description: Jeeves a likeable, charming and resourcefully gentlemenView full post »

Robot Name: Saucerhead (Sold)

Robot Number: 0069 Dimensions: 19” x 10” x 10” Description: Saucerhead is actually a early prototype of one ofView full post »

Robot Name: Vanilla Blue (Sold)

Robot Number: 0067 Weight: 10 lbs Description: Vanilla Blue hails Nashville “. . . where all them Cats are having aView full post »

Robot Name: Peppermint (Sold)

Robot Number: 0066 Description: Peppermint is as sweet as her name as bright as her colors.  Her favorite colors are ofView full post »

Robot Name: ShutterBug (Sold)

Robot Number: 0065 Dimensions: 8”x 7” x 4” Description: ShutterBug claims to fame was snapping photos ofView full post »

Robot Name: Red Baron (Sold)

Robot Number: 0064 Dimensions: 12’ x 6” x 6” Description: The Baron as his best buddies refer to him is one flashyView full post »

Robot Name: CD-4 (Sold)

Robot Number: 0063 Dimensions: 12” x 4” x 4” Description: CD-4 spent most of his life in the family bomb shelterView full post »

Robot Name: Steam-O-Matic (Sold)

Robot Number: 0061 Dimensions: 16” x 9” x 6” Weight: 3 lbs Description: Steam-O-Matic always has something to sayView full post »

Robot Name: Breeze (Sold)

Robot Number: 0060 Description: Breeze is made of recycled, vintage and found objects.  Parts include:  hair blowView full post »

Robot Name: Big Slick (Sold)

Robot Number: 0059 Description: Big Slick sports huge, wide, slick ties on the back axle which allows him to get out ofView full post »

Robot Name: Hotrod (Sold)

Robot Number: 0058 Dimensions: 10” x 5” x 9” Description:  Hot Rod is a flashback to the good old days whenView full post »

Robot Name: Ralph (Sold)

Robot Number: 0057 Dimensions: 13” x 6” x 4” Description: Ralph is a good ole dog who has mastered the art of dogView full post »

Robot Name: “Band-Aid Kid” (Sold)

Robot Number: 0055 Dimensions: 10” x 5” x 5” Description: The Kid can always be seen wearing his favorite teeView full post »

Robot Name: Princess Azul (Sold)

Robot Number: 0054 Dimensions: 14” x 4” x 4.5” Description: “I’m not a princess, I’m a queen. I canView full post »

Robot Name: “MVP” Team Universal Vacuum Bottle (Sold)

Robot Number: 0052 Dimensions: 17” x 7.5” x 6” Description: MVP is a professional all-sports player.  He got hisView full post »

Robot Name: Hazard (Sold)

Robot Number: 0051 Dimensions: 22” x 6” x 6” Description: Hazard, recently left the safety of his fallout shelterView full post »

Robot Name: Saws (Sold)

Robot Number: 0050 Dimensions: 20” x 7.5” x 7” Description: Saw’s name comes from his white and red striped bodyView full post »

Robot Name: Number 6 (Sold)

Robot Number: 0049 Dimensions: 24” x 11” x 7” Weight: 6 lbs Description: Number 6 is a striking figure of a botView full post »

Robot Name: The Twins (Sold)

Robot Number: 0048 Dimensions: 8” x 9” x 6” Description: The twins are a pair of little cuties — “GuigalsView full post »

Robot Name: Snoopy (Sold)

Robot Number: 0056 Dimensions:  11” x 7” x 12” Weight: 7 lbs Description: Snoopy is a look-alike for the famous (View full post »

Robot Name: Miss Plum (Sold)

Robot Number: 0053 Dimensions: 19.5” x 9” x 12” Weight: 5 lbs Description: Miss Plum a real charming lady whoseView full post »

Robot Name: Go Long (Donation)

Robot Number: 0047 Price: $500 (Submitted for silent auction in Cedar Rapids, IA as a donation for for Brette Dostal.)View full post »

Robot Name: Shredder (Sold)

Robot Number: 0046 Dimensions: 33” x 10” x 6” Description: Shredder is made of recycled, vintage and found objectsView full post »

Robot Name: TVBOT (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0045 Dimensions: 23” x 13” x 12” Weight: 15 lbs Description: TVBOT is a first generation post-View full post »

Robot Name: Disabled Veteran Combat Wounded; “DAV” (Sold)

Robot Number: 0044 Dimensions: 36” x 14” x 13.5” Weight: 20 lbs Description: DAV is the artist’s rendering,View full post »

Robot Name: Braveheart (Sold)

Robot Number: 0043 Weight: 13 lbs Dimensions: 33” x 16” x 14” Description: Braveheart returned home for retroView full post »

Robot Name: Belly Burner (Sold)

Robot Number: 0041 Dimensions: 26”x11”x12” Date: 2012 Description: Belly Burner is made of recycled, vintage, andView full post »

Robot Name: Trashman (Sold)

Robot Number: 0040 Dimensions: 11.5”x6.5”x10.5” Date: 2012 Description: Trashman is an industrial Muppet-like botView full post »

Robot Name: Kat (Sold)

Robot Number: 0039 Dimensions: 17”x13”x8” Date: 2012 Description: Kat is an acronym for Kitchen Aid Technician.  View full post »

Robot Name: Foxx (Sold)

Robot Number: 0038 Dimensions: 15”x7.5”x9” Date: 2012 Description: Foxx is a stunning figure who oozes class,View full post »

Robot Name: Ford Fuse and Buddy Bugler (Sold)

Robot Number: 0037 Dimensions: 32”x10.5”x7” and 8”x3”x2” Date: 2012 Description:  Ford Fuse has a veryView full post »

Robot Name: Bashful (Sold)

Robot Number: 0036 Dimensions: 22.5”x7.5”x8” Date Created: 2012 Description: Bashful lives up to his name, rarelyView full post »

Robot Name: Goebels (Sold)

Robot Number: 0035 Dimensions: 9.5”x9.5”x5” Price: $60.00 Date: 2012 Description: Goebels came to America fromView full post »

Robot Name: Candyman (Sold)

Robot Number: 0034 Dimensions: 17”x7”x12” Date: 2012 Description: Candyman has a variety of abilities and talentsView full post »

Robot Name: Speed-o-meter (Sold)

Robot Number: 0033 Dimensions: 33”x16.5”x9” Date: 2012 Description: Speedometer is a tall, dark and handsomeView full post »

Robot Name: Keystone 400 (Sold)

Robot Number: 0032 Dimensions: 22”x10.5”x8.5” Date: 2012 Description: Keystone 400 is a combination movie cameraView full post »

Robot Name: Chevrolet (Sold)

Robot Number: 0031 Dimensions: 27”x9”x7.5” Date: 2012 Description: Chevrolet is a strong, powerful Bot who comesView full post »

Robot Name: Gearhead (Sold)

Robot Number: 0030 Dimensions: 8.5”x7”x9” Status: Available Date: 2012 Description: Gearhead thinks he is too coolView full post »

Robot Name: Scream (Sold)

Robot Number: 0029 Dimensions: 21” x 10” 10” Date: 2012 Description: Scream is one of the artist’s favoriteView full post »

Robot Name: Sprocket (Sold)

Robot Number: 0028 Dimensions: 7”x8.25”x3.5 Date: 2012 Description: Sprocket likes ice cream topped with ketchup andView full post »

Robot Name: Spirit (Sold)

Robot Number: 0027 Dimensions: 11.5”x4.5”x2” Date Created: 2012 Description: American Spirit likes living on theView full post »

Robot Name: BowBell (Sold)

Robot Number: 0026 Dimensions: 10”x8”x10” Date: 2012 Description: Bow Bell is a pound puppy rescued by Carly andView full post »

Robot Name: Dingdong (Sold)

Robot Number: 0025 Dimensions: 8”x5”x5” Date: 2012 Description: Dingdong’s smile is contagious. He is a cut-up;View full post »

Robot Name: Al (Sold)

Robot Number: 0024 Dimensions: 9”x4”x2.5” Date: 2012 Description: Al is a cocky character who likes wearingView full post »

Robot Name: Loverboy and Sally (Sold)

Robot Number: 0023 Dimensions: 10”x5.5”x3” and 10.5”x6”x3” Date: 2012 Description: Loverboy and Sally metView full post »

Robot Name: Indestro (Sold)

Robot Number: 0022 Dimensions: 16.75”x9.75”x4” Date: 2012 Description: Indestro is a handsome young lad with aView full post »

Robot Name: Running Man (Sold)

Robot Number: 0021 Date: 2012 Description: Running Man, a long-legged, lean, mean running machine, was never interestedView full post »

Robot Name: Mace (Sold)

Robot Number: 0020 Dimensions: 7.5”x4x4 Date: 2012 Description: Mace is a sweet cuss with fast hands and light feetView full post »

Robot Name: Herb (Sold)

Robot Number: 0019 Dimensions: 4”x1.5”x2” Date: 2012 Description:  Herb comes from Mamaroneck, NY which is justView full post »

Robot Name: Blue Cross (Sold)

Robot Number: 0018 Dimensions: 6” x 4” x 3” Date: 2012 Description: Blue Cross was born in Brooklyn, NY.  HisView full post »

Robot Name: Soda Jerk (formerly known as Woopy) (Sold)

Robot Number: 0017 Dimensions: 19”x8”x9” Date: 2012 Description: Woopy is a friend to everyone and everyone is herView full post »

Robot Name: EBBOT (Sold)

Robot Number: 0016 Dimensions: 19”x7.5”x4” Date: 2012 Description: EBBOT studied at the Nikola Tesla School of AllView full post »

Robot Name: Wis (Sold)

Robot Number: 0014 Dimensions: 34.5”x19”x6” Date: 2012 Description:  Wis hails from the “Badger” state and isView full post »

Robot Name: B-1 Buzz

Robot Number: 0013 Dimensions: 35”x28”x26” Date: 2012 Description: B-1 Buzz is always smiling, happy and carefreeView full post »

Robot Name: Sage (Sold)

Robot Number: 0012 Dimensions: 12.75”x6”x5.5” Date: 2012 Description:  Sage is an intriguing former EarthView full post »

Robot Name: Kal (Sold)

Robot Number: 0062 Dimensions: 12.5”x4”x5” Date: 2012 Description: Kal is a long, tall, skinny glass of water whoView full post »

Robot Name: Ole Blue aka Auggie (Sold)

Robot Number: 0011 Dimensions: Unavailable Status: Sold (Now residing in Minnesota) Date: 2012 Description:  Ole BlueView full post »

Robot Name: Punter (Sold)

Robot Number: 0010 Dimensions: 10”x6”x8” Date: 2012 Description: Punter is a self-declared World Class striker AllView full post »

Robot Name: May Fair “T” (Sold)

Robot Number: 0009 Dimensions: 11.5”x3”x2.5” Date: 2012 Description: May is a little bashful and full of mischiefView full post »

Robot Name: Tricky Dick (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0008 Dimensions: 10”x10.5”x6.5” Date: 2012 Description: Having said goodbye to his chair in the ovalView full post »

Robot Name: Miss Rose (Sold)

Robot Number: 0007 Status: Sold (Now residing in South Dakota) Date: 2012 Description: Miss Rose is one gorgeous galView full post »

Robot Name: The Old Vet (Sold)

Robot Number: 0006 Dimensions: 14”x8”x14” Date: 2012 Description: The Old Vet was a battle hardened combat pilotView full post »

Robot Name: De Jur (Not for sale)

Robot Number: 0005 Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 6″ Date: 2012 Description: De Jur is a very camera shyView full post »

Robot Name: Miss Boraxo (Sold)

Robot Number: 0004 Date: 2012 Description: When Miss Boraxo walks into a room time stops — she was a prom queen andView full post »

Robot Name: Jester (Sold)

Robot Number: 0003 Dimensions: 7”x7.5”x3” Date: 2012 Description: Jester lives up to his name and is always theView full post »

Robot Name: Spiffy Red Shoes (Sold)

Robot Number: 0002 Dimensions: 6.75”x2.75”x2.75” Date: 2012 Description: Spiffy Red Shoes is a very serious andView full post »

Robot Name: Flash (Sold)

Robot Number: 0001 Dimensions: 9”x6”x4.5” Status: Sold Date: 2012 Description: Flash, a superhero wannabe, isView full post »